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The History of Dawn Edwards


Following her passion

Dawn's passion for hair and beauty came to fruition shortly after moving from Queens, NY to Coral Springs, FL. Still in high school, Dawn enrolled in beauty school where she excelled.

After graduating, Dawn apprenticed with the renowned Rick Wilson. To this day, Dawn credits Rick for much of her success. "I wouldn't be where I am without him [Rick Wilson]'.

With the tutelage of Rick Wilson and her endless passion, Dawn began working in local salons. It was here that she realized her ultimate goal; to create something that was more than just a salon...


Fantasia's Grand Opening

Recognizing Dawn's talent and passion, her parents fully backed her and she was able to break grounds on her first full-service salon in Coral Springs, FL, called Fantasia.

With an emphasis on customer service and client experience Dawn envisioned a full-service salon that was more like a second home for her clients. She also dreamed of creating a salon for stylists of all sorts to bond, grow, and bring the best out of each other.


Clients and Stylists Through the Years

For more than a decade, Fantasia was the premiere salon in Coral Springs. Dawn made lifelong relationships with her clients and stylists, while continuing to learn and hone her talents.